Monday, 30 November 2009

woo hoot

This was our project for my class on Sunday - fab little stocking fillers that are very cheep (Sorry - couldn't resist the pun LOL).
The paper-pieced owls are acrylic stamps from Woodware, it's such a fun set. There's a cute little bird house on the sheet too and speech bubbles with owlish sayings.
The papers are 'U Bug Me' by Bo-Bunny, double sided which I love. It just takes a bit of planning with your papers. The owls are shaded slightly and then highlighted with a white gel pen.
I experimented with pen/pencil loops to include a pen - I know that in my house, there's never a pen to be found (I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem!)

How great is this for a teacher's gift, too? Or to sell at a craft fair?

The next bit of waffle will only make sense if you're a Twilight series fan. Feel free to skip this if you're not obsessed with Edward/ Jacob/ Bella, LOL!
I'm only just recovering from seeing "New Moon' at the cinema on Friday. I was absolutely blown away with this film, it was a brill adaptation to the book, and Jacob Black - well, what can I say.... OMG, that body...
I'm even more into the books now I've seen NM, and I've put lots of scrummy wallpapers of the lead males onto my phone - I really think it's an illness. My chum Lisa (who I hold entirely responsible for the illness) says we are now 'Twi-hards'! It's been a while since I became obsessed with a series of books like this, it's just such a lovely story about first love.
I'm even going to go and see it again at the cinema and I've never paid to see a film twice. Definitely, definitely ill...


  1. Hey Hun I'm a Twi-hard too LOL! New Moon was AWESOME and I love the books even more so! I'm on team EdCob LOL! Certainly wouldn't complain if Jacob climbed through my bedroom window, though I'd be just as happy with Edward LOL!
    OK onto the crafty stuff! Those samples are so sweet! Definitely make a fab teacher's gift! Oh and I LOVE your new blog header - definitely shows the Copicaholic in ya!

  2. These are great little gifts and the owls are so sweet. I especially like the larger green one, he looks a little bit scared or sad, lol, I've taken pity on him.

    Not quite obsessed but think I may have to go see it soon or risk finding out the storyline too soon. I prefer to see the film before I read the book or else I can be a bit disappointed with what they've left out.

    Sara xx


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