Monday, 28 December 2009

cue drum roll...

I mentioned my big news in my last post....well, I've been published in Creative Cardmaking - twice!Back in October I submitted three love-themed cards (with step-by-step instructions and a short introduction) on behalf of Barbara at the Windmill Craft Centre, and the remit was that they would be suitable to send to a man. And we all know how difficult it is to make cards for men, don't we!
Only one was supposed to be shown, if you were lucky enough to be accepted, so I totally didn't expect two of the three to be shown, what a surprise!

The first is this scrap-style rocking card, very dimensional IRL, with foam pads at different heights under the message. The double heart is a lift from the card I made for my DH last valentine's day.

And this one is a super cute Penny Black hedgie stamp that I've coloured with Copics and then decoupaged.

I've never submitted anything before, I'm the world worst with deadlines! It's a very funny feeling, seeing your stuff in a magazine, so to see your name there, too - well, WOW! (Even if it is a very common name, LOL).

So that's my news! Hee! It's given me a lovely feeling inside, and although I know that pride is a deadly sin, well you know what - I am a bit proud!

I'll go now before my head gets too swollen.

Thursday, 24 December 2009


I'm just posting to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a
happy (and maybe merry?) new year!

And while I wish you that, I'm enjoying my second Snowball - oh, how retro is that! For me, it's the ultimate christmas drink, and it always reminds me of my Nana (sadly, no longer with us). She would always make me a Snowball when I was young, so it brings back sweet memories.

Speaking of snowballs (the frozen kind though, now) , we've even had snow in my neck of the woods. Snow is kind of a BIG DEAL around here- the last decent snowfall we had was in 2006, so the kids have been very happy.
Although I've not managed to get any photos of them in it, so a lost scrapping opportunity, I'm afraid. But funnily enough, I made this tiny altered tin last month, and used some of the 2006 photos I took of my youngest playing with the pugs in the snow.


Virtually finished all the preparations now, just a few presents left to wrap - well, put into gift bags, I'm too lazy to be bothered with wrapping paper, LOL!
I decorated a cardboard wine carrier for my FIL's gift, it looked pretty good actually - and how else would you give half a dozen bottles of wine? Forgot to photograph it though.

Next time I post, I've got BIG news to share, ooh, I can't wait to tell you!

May health, peace, love and joy be yours for 2010.

Friday, 18 December 2009

only 1 week to go..

Well, it's nearly upon us, isn't it? Christmas just creeps up on you and then all of a sudden, there's very little time to get everything done. But I have managed to finish what I need to, there's just my Dad's present to think of - he's very difficult to buy for, and when I asked him if there's anything he'd like he just said, "ask your Mum what I need"!! No help at all really, as if my Mum hasn't got enough to do!
Most of the food shopping is done, with various items hidden from the boys. Isaac (eldest DS) ate half a jar of pickled onions yesterday amongst other things....

I've had to be slightly more organised than I usually am, as I'm starting a run of 5 night duties tonight. I'm not looking forward to these nights - it's quite likely to be busy,with everyone trying to get themselves delivered before christmas.

This 'Whiff of Joy' stamp is my current favourite, I do love her little suit and I love that she can team up with these Magnolia Winter trees.
You can just make out the twinkle of the glamour dust on this shot.

Monday, 7 December 2009

where does my time go?

I know where it goes, actually - my shiny new toy, my gorgeous iPhone! This is my xmas pressie from DH but I couldn't wait until then- Ha, big kid aren't I.
Well I had to make sure it works, ;)

It's got quite a few time-wasting games on it and I'm now just dipping my toe into Facebook (finally).

So I've given eldest DS my beloved iTouch and left him to download various fun apps. So just imagine my surprise when I synced my phone to iTunes and along with the various games he'd gotten was "Hot Chicks" and something else very similar! Parental control kicks in...

So with all this time-wasting, I've done virtually no cardmaking this week. But I have got this card to share, but apologies for the poor lighting on the first photo. The close-up is much more true to real life colour.

She's turned out very, very cute in her brown coat and hat!

I'm going to have to write some cards out this week though - it's no good just making them is it - they need to be sent out. We received our first xmas card last week - but it looks a bit lonely at the moment, on it's own on the fireplace. Decoration time soon, I think.

And a big northern 'Ello luv' to anyone who visits from UK Scrappers - I'm in the honourable mentions on the 'Blog Bits' on the home page - wow!