Wednesday, 12 August 2009


No crafting done yet today, I've been doing a spot of baking.

With the help of Betty Crocker , I've made these little beauties.

Oh, you should smell them - gorgeous. For once, I hope the lid stays on the tin, really they're just too tempting.

I've also made fruit scones but my scones never rise, so no photo. They do taste lovely though - I had a little crumb from my son's plate. When I make yorkshire pudding, that never rises either! Strange!

I think I'll colour the cupcake Tilda in honour of my cookies. But I should be revising, so I'll do that later.



  1. Mmmmmmm - just scrumptious! It's like an edible leaning tower of cookies LOL!
    My Yorkshire puddings rise in the oven but as soon as I run around with the tin to show them off they're as flat as a pancake!
    You should defnintely colour to celebrate! You'r a clever clogs anyways so let revision take a back seat!

  2. Oh yum! Me and that Betty - we're good friends!! I would blame your oven for non-risers..I have an oven that burns things on one corner - drives me nuts!
    Arrived here after a Copic purchase, browsing with interest - thanks!!

  3. Oooh, those cookies look yummy! Hope you've enjoyed eating them...

    Alex x


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