Thursday, 7 January 2010

just one more..

Seeing as it's still sub-zero outdoors, I thought this snowman card was apt - I think this is the last of the xmas cards, honest! It's another 'Whiff of Joy' stamp.And both the images should be 'clickable' - I uploaded each image separately, and I think thats sorted out the enlarge-ability. You can see all my little mistakes though!
I'm pleased with the shading on Herb's top hat - a pretty good result IMHO with the cool greys and a touch of black to get the depth. Before the festivities I bought some neutral greys but I've not had a play with them yet.

I love snowmen and snowflake stamps, but IRL, I'm ready for the snow to go now, it's turning into ice on the pavements and I don't like that one bit! And today, when I walked the dogs, one of them made it quite clear he felt the same, too. He turned tail and set off for home about halfway.
My emu boots are pretty much ruined with watermarks, but they have been fab - I have had the warmest feet, even when I take the dogs out.
The high school is still shut, which has delighted my sons no end to have their holiday extended. Though the primary school nearby has opened and the playing field is full of enormous snowballs that the kids have been rolling, it looks very funny!
So here's hoping that no more snow falls now.

Stay warm and TTFN!


  1. Oh I love your beautiful card Alision!
    So gorgeous!
    kim x

  2. Hi Alison, another lovely card, but I hate to tell you this we are supposed to be getting a lot more on Sunday,I've not been to work as the buses were stopped and no one was venturing out,mind you don't fall,

    Hugs Liz xx

  3. Oh it's totally apt - I'm freezing my fingers off as I type! LOL! Not seen a snowman quite like him around here - he's very dapper!
    I've had the whole week off but now getting bored and sick of the sight of bl**dy snow! More due on Sunday :o(
    Frozen Aimes


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