Saturday, 9 January 2010

thing thong

I thought I'd branch out a bit from the carding and scrapping and have a play with some beads.

Quite a few years ago, when I was big on stitching, I made these very cute santa earrings using a kit from 'Spellbound' and these have a yearly outing. I'd love to visit this shop - their stall at the NEC is always beautiful - and packed! I made some lovely xmas tree decs with another kit from them.

I don't really think of myself as a jewellery maker - I've been generally underwhelmed with my efforts. My pal Julie and I once tried precious metal clay - totally disastrous! I made a little silver ring, even melted glass beads into the silver, and as soon as I put it on, it broke in half. Hmm... that kit was relegated into the cupboard, where it sits to this day.
However, when I saw the idea for a 'book thong' (bookmark to me and you) on ebay and on etsy, I thought 'that looks OK, I could manage that'.
So here we are, with three little gifts, plus one for me! I'm quite pleased with how they turned out.

Vampy blood red beads in a Sookie Stackhouse book, of course!

They were easy to make, I'm very sure I don't need to explain how to make them, LOL! But if you have a go, do use a decent length of cording (about 50cm) - I made the mistake of sizing against a paperback and not a hardback book. If it's a problem, I could always take off a few beads from the bottom end though.
I found the bird spacer bead on ebay, the butterfly spacer and flower bead cap were from the 'Hobby House' and everything else was from 'Windmill Craft Centre' . I just need to make some little boxes for them - in red, I think!
I'm working the next 2 nights, please keep your fingers crossed for me that it's less manic than it has been!
Have a lovely weekend,


  1. Oh wow Alison these are fantastic!
    You are so talented I love them!
    Your Santa is perfect and your book thongs just superb!
    Are you loving True Blood!

    kim x

  2. These are fab! I too have tried to work with jewellery kits with disasterous results LOL! The earrings look great, though you may get some raised eyebrows if you wear them now ;D
    Your book thongs (tee hee - thong!) are gorgeous! A great colour combo that's very fitting for a blood thirsty vampire book! Is the book better than the TV series..?


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