Sunday, 14 June 2009

copic class

I taught my first Copic workshop today and it was great!! All thanks to Marianne, Suzanne, Sharon and Claudia Rosa and their amazing blogs with all the info they so generously share.

Thanks to the ten lovely ladies who came to play along, I know they all had fun and feel a lot more confident with their pens now. I confess to being a bit jealous of the girls that've got the whole set of Copic pens though!

We did shading and blending exercises before colouring a Sarah Kay stamp, using layering with the pens to achieve nice shading. During the class, one lady even nipped over to the Craft Centre to buy more pens - all copicaholics together eh? LOL!

I'm absolutely delighted that Barbara at my local, Windmill Craft Centre is going to be stocking Magnolia Stamps very soon! At the end of July, I'm going to be doing another demo with the Copics using the Tilda stamps and a class on masking techniques to build up scenes. Time for the stamp positioner to be dug out! I can't wait to get a couple of the new 'Pet Collection' stamps, they're yum!

Speaking of stamp positioners, I've seen this brilliant vid by a lady named Karen , showing how to make the 'square' out of kids large lego bricks!! Some people are so ingenious!


  1. So happy your Copicaholic Anonymous Ooops! I mean "Copic Workshop" went so well today! LOL! Lovin the fact that a lady felt the need to dash out to buy more mid-workshop - you must be performing miracles with these things!
    P.S Fab card too btw! Love it!

  2. Wow she is so gorgeous and so beautifully coloured, no wonder everybody wants to learn off you. Just checked out the vid - what a smart cookie.

    Thanks for the lovely comment at my place too x

  3. Thanks Alison for the great workshop yesterday in Copics. Sorry I had to dash off but picked up lots of tips to use with my pens (plus just HAD to get the glitter pens!.

    Look forward to more Copicholic sessions.

    Donna xx

  4. Fabulous colouring, wish I was 1/10th as talented. I must buy some copics ...



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