Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Wow, not 1 but 4 of them!!

Thanks to Aimes and Sara for these - it's always lovely to get lovely comments about my cards, and then to get awards too - well it's almost enough to go to my head!

I have to post 7 random facts about myself, then forward the award(s) to 7 bloggers.

Random facts first then.
1. I'm obsessed with fragranced candles - especially Yankee. Currently burning Greek fig and blackcurrant.
2. I consider it a very bad day indeed if I haven't eaten some chocolate, LOL
3. I love gadgets - my latest one is my macbook pro - drool, drool...
4. I read very, very fast - I will often finish a book in one sitting. But I then enjoy re-reading the same book - weird, I know. I'm currently obsessed by the Twilight series.
5. I thought I'd got a speeding ticket about 8 weeks ago, but I've never received the fine thingy - hurray!! It'll be just my luck for it to arrive tomorrow, now I've said that!
6. I cannot make yorkshire puddings - they don't rise. We refer to my feeble attempts as "Lancashire Disasters".
7. I'm just not a morning person - no really, I'm not worth speaking to for about an hour when I first get up. But when we got to Florida - I'm always the first one out of bed and raring to go. Now analyse that! Must mean I'm a big kid.

So I'm going to forward these awards to these lovely people who I haven't sent anything to before, and to a couple of new blogs I've discovered recently!

So, feel free to claim these awards and pass them on - go on, spread the lurve!

And I'll leave you with this card. I now wish I'd made a bigger card - this is only about 51/2 inches square.

Isn't that pier background great? The cloud paper is from the new K&Co 'citronella' pad, and the blue clouds are all shiny, love em.
Tilda is such a cutie with that bike. It's a bit of a change for me to use orange in my colouring, but I'm very happy with how she turned out.



  1. Alison thank you for the lovely comments on my blog and for the award!! Your cards are just beautiful and your colouring is fantastic. I love all the christmas ones below!!! Hugs Judy xx

  2. Aw, thanks Alison, how thoughtful of you! I have no secrets or surprises left since I started blogging...but I can probably cobble together my top 7 whinges!! Seriously, will think before I type on this one!

  3. Great facts there hun! I'm totally with you on No.7 - don't even look at me in the morning LOL!
    Hmmmm this Twilight I'm hearing of has me intrigued, seems like EVERYONE is addicted!
    Gorgeous card as always and I know I always say it but your colouring is seriously ROCKING! It's just AWESOME on this beauty!

  4. wow your cards are great! thanks for giving me this award and visiting my blog! i have become a follower and put you on my blog list.

    Thanks again for the award!! really chuffed

    Hugs Di xxx


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