Sunday, 22 March 2009

First past the post!

Well I've finally succumbed to joining in with blogging. It'll be a steep learning curve, as I'm not that great with the 'puter, but here goes.
I'm a card maker and a scrapbooker, enjoy just faffing about with card and paper and making a huge mess along the way. As other crafters know, this stuff SPREADS around while you're being all creative. Then someone calls around unexpectedly (like my father-in-law) and you feel a bit embarassed when the craft stuff is in almost every room. Ah well...
So I've got to have a tidy now as I won't be crafting for a couple of days now - on night duty. I've posted a couple of pics of what I've been making - dont know how to resize yet, sorry for the huge pic of the easter basket. The chocolate has been hidden out of my familys sight, or it'll be back down to Sainsbury's for more!

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  1. You're bloggin' - yay! I love your Easter Basket - that Lindt Bunny wouldn't last too long in my sight though LOL! x


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