Monday, 30 March 2009

Tired, oh so tired...

I worked last night, had the pleasure of looking after another lovely woman having her first baby, hope all went well today with the birth. But...only slept for 2 hours this morning...feel like I've got jet lag - where's the matchsticks for me eyes? In addition, my left wrist is a bit sore. In a rash moment, I volunteered to let one of my colleagues practice putting a drip up on me, which involved a sharp object going into my vein. As my last experience of this was when my youngest was being born almost 11 years ago, I'd forgotten how much it b****y well hurts. Serves me right I suppose. A nice glass of cider tonight might numb it though.

So no cards made yesterday or today (although me and Julie did make 40 wedding invitations on Saturday) so I thought I'd post a photo of a card I made in December for my mum's birthday. I stamped with white Staz-on onto acetate, then layered all my embellies (check out the bling on those flutterbies!) The sentiment and stamped frame are by Hero arts (luv this company, as much as I luv Stampin' Up).

I have a slight obsession with butterflies BTW. Actually, I have only realised in the last few months that I am addicted to them , I'll have to count up what I own! They seem to exert a magnetic force on me (much like the Copics) and end up coming home with me.
'My name is Alison and I'm a butterfly-a-holic...'


  1. Blimey those are Blingin' Butterflies! What a gorgeous card Alison! I love everything about it! I'm a huge fan of Hero Arts too, they have the most amazing stamps don't they?!
    Think you definitely deserve a cider - make it a pear one - yummy!

  2. Ohhh Alison ... this is beautiful! I love the butterflies .... but that sentiment ... is just gorgeous! It's another stunning card!

    Teri xx


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