Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Single handedly keeping the art shop trading

Look at what arrived in the post today - rubber goodness! I've previously bought stamped images from ebay, which were fine with the prisma pencils and solvent. 'Cept I didn't like the skin coloured with the pencils.

I decided to try some Copic markers. I found that the stamped images were stamped on basic CS, and also they were stamped in Staz-on - neither of which are great with Copics. So then I had to buy some Bristol board card, then I had to buy some cute stamps and then... (can you see a trend here?)... some more Copics.

I balked at the cost of a set initially, "I'll just buy skin tones" I reassured myself. Which would still be true if you were an alien with 'B93 light crockery blue' or 'YG63 pea green' skin tones. Several other colours insisted that they go in my basket, 'RV42 salmon pink' was particularly keen and then, because of the fishy name, 'R22 light prawn' practically begged me to take it home... And now I realise I should have just bought THE SET because that would keep me OUT of the art shop and out of temptations way. So now I'd better do some SERIOUS colouring to justify this month's bad spending behaviour. And I'd better not see any alien stamps....


  1. This is beautiful! I am sooooo jealous that you've got copics! I want to try some! But daren't! lol ..... I'll only end up buying them all ... and boy is there a lot! At least with Promarkers I get to stop at 92! :)

    Teri xx

  2. I love your philosophy on buying Copics - I didn't realise the colours had such inspiring names! I'm sure one day Copics will jump into my shopping basket - might have to go crazy and use my Promarkers until they run dry first LOL!
    Gorgeous card - love the colours!

  3. LOL Alison! I think you can colour Andorians 'B93 light crockery blue'!

  4. WOW lucky you buying Copics. I bet you've got quite a collection now! Right now I can't justify spending that much money, so I'll stick to my Prismacolor Pencils, Sansador and blending stumps :)

    Love the cards you've made with the cute Magnolia stamps.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Alex x


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