Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Doctor, it could be the worst case we've ever seen...

Well, my new storage arrived today - yep, I ordered the RUB TSV from QVC (can I fit in any more abbreviations:)). And as all we crafters know, storage is a whole hobby in it's own right.

It has taken me the WHOLE day to re-organise stash and sort out what's going where.

And as a result, I've come to the conclusion that I have a severe case of too-much-stuff-itis and to help start the cure, I've decided to part with my Bind-it-All. I saw it demo'd at the NEC when it was first out, Oh, the plans I had for it...acetate mini-book...recipe book...gorgeous little notebooks...Oh how it wanted me to buy it....
But best laid plans and all that - to be honest, mine should be called the Bind-very-Little, as it's been used about 6 times.

So I'm going to put it up for sale via UK Scrappers (my username is Crystaltips) if anyone's interested in giving it a new home. ETA - sold

Today I did the unthinkable (you may want to sit down at this point) and THREW STUFF AWAY!! not fab stuff of course, that's in the new storage. But the tatty, old papers that now make me think 'what was I thinking?', bought when it seemed vital to have ALL the patterned paper in the shop. And all the scraps of paper I saved for some reason - that's all gone too. Some other stuff will be going to my friends house - she has 2 DD's who will not care a jot that it's several years old.

In fact, it made me feel a bit cross with myself really for being too easily seduced by paper. Not so cross I won't buy any more though - hee!

On Sunday, I went to a nice workshop at my local craft shop, and the very talented Melanie Heaton was running it. I made a couple of nice cards and one dodgy one - my folding was very 'off' that day!
They're made using the 'Wild Raspberry' K&Co papers and Inkadinkadoo stamps. The birds are stamped and then paper pieced - very fiddly indeed. They might get covered in glossy accents just to give them a bit of shine. The butterfly image is made up of fairies - double click it to get a close-up. And the third one is very dodgy - smudged ink and squiffy folding LOL. Ah well, never mind!


  1. I saw the TSV on QVC and really wanted that storage but had already spent all my pennies on the stuff that now needs storage - D'oh! Doesn't it feel great to have a big sort out though - I recently parted with some of my papers that I thought I 'needed' at the time. Makes all the more room for more goodies hee hee!
    I love your cards, those papers are the kinda papers I'd be buyin' if I had the space!

  2. Hi Alison, how much are you look for, for your BIA, and are you selling any ringy things with it, Hugs Sarah B X

  3. Hi Honey I,ve emailed you back Hugs Sarah B X


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