Friday, 8 May 2009

spring cleaning

Yep, that's right, I've been cleaning! What started out as a small job has bloomed into a major clear-out of my youngest son's room. I can't believe how much stuff I've got rid of, either given away, or taken to the tip for recycling. I'm surprised our house hadn't sunk under the weight of all the c*** we'd kept! Feels so gooood to throw away stuff!
Anyway his room now looks tons better (although I'm now painfully aware it needs decorating LOL).

Then I decided to take over a cupboard in our dining room. That's where I do all my projects, so the CDs, DVDs and PS2 games/console have had to move over. Most of my stuff is in the under-stairs cupboard, but of course I need more space! Anyway, it looks great, and all the cubbyholes that once housed CDs are now home to various stamps, cuttlebug folders, acrylic paints etc. Hopefully it'll stay tidy (I didn't call myself messy crafter for nothing!

So I'll share a quick pic of my nice tidy cupboard.

Ta da! OK, not perfectly tidy but all this is much better in here than lined up along the windowsill, right? Look at my Stampin Up! sets in the cubbyholes -hee!

And the bright green box at the left of the cupboard is holding all my chipboard, I have a plan to alter that at some time.

I did 3 more layouts for my friends album, I'll share those soon.

I'm working for the next 4 nights - groan, I've got too used to being off work for the last week. So as usual, no crafting until next week! See you then.


  1. Y'know mid-reading your post I had visions of you hiding and crafting under the stairs Harry-Potter style LOL!
    I've had a crafty sort today - feels good doesn't it! My niece is in for a load of mags and papers! I agree you can never intend to sort, it just kinda happens after doing a little sort!
    Hope the week goes fast for you, you'll be crafting again in no time!

  2. Ohhhh Alison ... I love your stash cupboard! Look at all those yummy goodies! Is it still that tidy????? :) xxxx


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